COLLABORATIONS with Bernard Khoury/ DW5

Architecture and Interior Design Missions

As an Architect and Designer at Bernard Khoury Architect / DW5, during a period of five years, I took part in the design and execution of various projects from the early conceptual stages until the construction and final implementation. Below a list of some of these projects:


NBK Residence (2) 
Execution Follow-up

Plot 2352- Achrafiyeh
Concept, Permit & Preliminary Design Phases

SAFI 752- Downtown Beirut
Execution Follow-up

Plot 10283- Kferdebian
Concept & Permit Phases

BRASSERIE DU LEVANT- Rmeil [ in collaboration with Blankpage Architects ]

Concept Design Phase

Plot 2185- Rabieh
Concept Phase

Batroun Residence (R2)
Permit, Execution & Construction follow- up Phases

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Completed and Ongoing Projects

2008 to 2013

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