Floor Mounted Lighting Fixture & Bedside Lamp

Tripod: Oak wood and Stainless Steel Finish. Head: Black HDF Finish

H= 160/180 cm

The thinker” is a lighting device designed for a long-standing Lebanese house in Gemmayze. It was designed to be placed in the main reception area, in a corner by a bar used mainly by the client as a working table on which he places his laptop. Designed as a one-to-one scaled human head placed on a tripod, the object is based on the desire to celebrate the thinking process. The tripod elevates the cranium at the eye level of the visitor.  The head is represented by 1 cm wooden sections separated by gaps of 0.5 cm. The lightbulb is placed at the center of the skull, reflecting sectional shadows onto the two walls behind it. The hinge linking the tripod to the head consists of a kneecap through which the mass can rotates 180 degrees from the central axis in both directions. “The thinker” becomes more than just a think tank, also expressing different emotional states of mind through movement: a yes, a no, hope, frustration.  

Human Head is a reduced version of "The Thinker". This bedside lamp is comprised of 10 mm black HDF wood sections placed adjacent to one another to form a one-to-one scaled human head. The gap between each slice section filters the light, and the whole mass extends into an umbilical cord connected to the electrical plug. The head can be split in half using a screwdriver to change the internal light bulb when needed.

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In collaboration with Halim Khoriaty

The Thinker- Private Commission | The Human Head- exhibited at Schizzo Gallery & Galerie Rochane

2010 | 2013 & 2014

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