Side Table & Lighting Fixture

Unlacquered Steel

L= 45 cm, l= 45cm, H= 45cm

“Beirut, the Cube” is a lighting device, designed for an old Lebanese residence in Gemmayze. The area houses countless long-standing buildings with typical Lebanese elements such as stone facades, arches and wooden “mousharabias”. The apartment is a central- hall house with high ceilings of approximately 4.75 meters. We were commissioned to design a mobile table that could be transported into several spaces of the dwelling; to be used as both a table and a source of light. 

The concept of movement within a space led us to propose a perfect cube of 45x45x45 cm, made out of a 3 mm rusted steel sheet. The laser cut map of Beirut wraps around the three surfaces perpendicular to the ground. The street network can be lit from the center of the cube, reflecting a shadow onto the floor surface. A playful red dot travels along the streets of Beirut and the user  can use the pointer in order to trace a trajectory with a start and finish.


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In collaboration with Halim Khoriaty

Private Commission


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